Xo! - Condoms Ultra Thin - Case of 8-12 CT

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Xo! - Condoms Ultra Thin - Case of 8-12 CT

Vegan. Sex just got better. Righteous rubber lubricated condoms. Okay, here's the boring stuff. But just like the flight safety speech before takeoff, we have to say it, and you should hear it at least once. So bare with us. Ha. XO! Condoms are a reliable contraceptive, but no contraceptive can offer 100% protection against pregnancy, HIV/Aids, and/or sexually transmitted infections (STIs). If you believe you have an STI, please contact a healthcare provider. Each XO! Condom is electronically tested for safety and CE marked. 12 XO! condom with reservoir. Transparent, smooth, 53 mm nominal width, cylindrically-Ly-Formed, lubricated & unscented. Get naked. Whoa, Whoa, not just yet! We mean the kind of barenaked products your body, your partner’s body & the planet deserve. At XO! We keep our condoms clean with seriously righteous rubber: Zero parabens or petrochemicals; Biodiverse, sustainably-sourced natural latex from rubber trees; Carbon neutral; Zero animal testing or products (Like lamb or casein); Ultra-thin & lubricated for a barely there feel. So you can get as dirty as you please (Yes, it's a bad joke - but these are so good, you won't care). CE listed. We’re also on the internets doing all the things through our sister brand. (at)hereweflo http://hereweflo.co. Supporting small farmers + agroforestry. 50% profits to people + planet. We are proud to give back through brilliant charities supporting the health. Education & economic empowerment of people in need. This includes Orchid Project who work to end female genital cutting (FGM) & Bloody Good Period who provide products at refugee centres homeless shelters & food banks. Righteous, Righteous! - bringing peace, love + biodiversity to rubber. Rubber is grown mostly in monocultures plantation challenges include unfair working conditions (e.g. child labour, low wages, abysmal environments), exploitation of smallholder, loss of biodiversity, deforestation of rainforest, and long-term environmental damage via high use of agrochemicals. Fair agroforestry natural rubber latex is different We work with farmers who cultivate their rubber trees in agroforestry systems. This means that in addition to the rubber tree, they also plant other useful plants; this contributes to greater biodiversity and ensures higher CO2 binding. Fair agroforestry means Fairness with farmers, above & beyond existing standards due to the purchase guarantees & premium prices. Protection of ecosystems and conservation of biodiversity. Transparency over the whole supply chain & in communication with customers Cooperation with smallholders when it comes to sustainable rubber cultivation. 100% Fair agroforestry natural rubber latex usage: no mixing materials or green washing. Ah, the sweet, sexy smell of justice! Carbon neutral. Cruelty free and vegan free. Free from animal products. Dispose of properly. Climate Neutral Product: Offsetting with the best of 'em! Dreamed up & designed in Hackney, London. Made with love and solar power in Malaysia.

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