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Choosing The Right Toddler Bedding
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Choosing The Right Toddler Bedding

Finding bedding that fits your toddler’s bed isn’t the easiest prospect in the world. Most of the time, those tried and true crib sheets fit just fine but can be a little infantile for the toddler that is putting together complete sentences, potty training, and into trucks or dolls. So how do you locate these precious little treasures and how do you make sure the sheets will fit the mattress?


Most parents will not go to the expense of purchasing toddler sheets because they don’t know about them or they cannot locate them in a mainstream store. Mainstream stores usually do not carry toddler sheets because they take up valuable space from other items that sell quicker. When you do decide to take your child from their infant sheets to sheets like the big kids have, shopping online is the best place to start.


There are several places on-line that sell the toddler sheets. But two of the highly touted are Olive Kids and Amazon. Olive Kids is a wonderful resource for these sheets because they sell everything to decorate the entire room from wall décor to throw rugs. Amazon takes your immediate need and fills it with the quick purchase of the sheets and blankets you need. At both sites you can find everything from planes, trains and automobiles to butterflies, flowers, princesses and farm animals.


If you decide on a trip to the mall, try Sears or JCPenney. Sears carries a limited selection of toddler accessories and sheets. Usually, you can find all of the decorations, i.e. wall border, throw pillows and lamps right near the toddler sheets. They also sell a “hugger” comforter that grips the mattress and prevents slippage from those tossing and turning tykes. JCPenney also sells toddler sheets with all of the little accessories to match. Keep in mind, however, that the selections are very limited.


Now that you have decided to make the grand purchase, how can you be sure that the sheets and mattress are compatible? Most manufacturers of toddler bedding use the dimensions of toddler mattresses. Fortunately, most toddler mattresses are the same size as crib mattresses since now most cribs transform into toddler beds easily. To guarantee that your sizing is correct, measure the height, width and length of the mattress and take that information shopping with you. The dimensions are usually listed on the package like all other bedding. A lot of the toddler bedding will also state that it will fit a crib mattress just in case you don’t have the dimensions with you.


All in all, toddler bedding is a valuable step in helping your child move from his or her crib into a more mature bed. The selection of toddler bedding depends on where you shop, but you can feel comforted knowing that the crib mattress that your child is using now will fit the sheets easily.

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